ARIES – 2015


Aries March 20 – April 19

Aries Comparison

     The above images show a comparison between the Victoria Aries effigy (on the left) and the Glastonbury Aries effigy (on the right). Victoria’s Aries is shaped like a Ram where as Glastonbury’s Aries is shaped like a Lamb. *Note that the Victoria Zodiac is rotated 90 degrees clockwise to the Glastonbury Zodiac. I rotated the Victoria map 90 degrees counter clockwise so we can see the Victoria Aries effigy in an upright position.

Aries Constellation

     The Glastonbury and Victoria Zodiacs have many things in common. In the case of Aries, one of the most signifcant similarities is the fact that, like the Aries constellation in the night sky, both of the Aries effigies have their heads looking back towards there tails. I will be sharing more detailed information about the significance of the reverted heads at a later time.

Aries Head Comparison

Another striking similarity between the two Aries effigies is that they both have large athletic fields located on the back/pineal gland area of their heads. with the Victoria Aries it is LAMBrick Park hence LAMB/RAM. In the Glastonbury Aries it is Victoria Athletic Park.

VLZ Street of Aries Head Old Map

This image show a closer look at the names of streets, parks, and schools surrounding Victoria’s Aries head. I have higlighted some of the most notible names in green.

The first thing to notice is that Aries in located in the Gordon HEAD and LAMBrick Park area of Victoria. Aries is a RAM hence LAMBrick and the zodiac sign Aries rules the  HEAD. LAMBrick Park sits on the back of Aries head and Gordon HEAD Middle School marks Aries eye.

The Zodiac Sign Aries is Ruled by planet Mars. Mars also rules THORN trees and more specifically the HAWTHORN. THORNhill CRESCENT (one of the very few spiralling streets in Victoria) forms part of Aries’ Spiralled Horns. Aries appears to be looking towards HAWTHORN Street.

Right above Aries horns is BUCKINGham Place and a little to the right (north) of BUCKINGhamPlace is RAMsey. Place. PaRAMont Place is a little to the right and down from RAMsey Place.

Wool comes from sheep and is used to make FELT. FELTham Road runs down the back of Aries neck, shoulder and chest to his front leg.

VLZ Aries Mount Doug School Old Map

The first thing that I would like to point out in this image is that Mount Douglas Secondary School sits on Aries chest. If you go to the Mount Douglas Secondary School website you will see that the school crest has a big horn sheep (Ram) head on it and their football team is called the RAMS.

Mount Doug Rams

I would also like to point out that just below (east) of Mount Douglas School is Galaxy Place and Orion Place but I will speak of these streets at a later time.

By the time Mary’s shared her original map drawings with me, she had not yet figured out Aries front leg. This is something that I figured out. Confirmation came in the form of Jason Place on Aries fornt leg hence the mythological story of Aries being Jason and the Argonauts and their Quest for the Golden Fleece. The complete story surrounding Aries can be found in The Agronautica by Apollonius Rhodius.

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By Victoria Landscape Zodiac

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