The Many Layers of the VLZ (Victoria Landscape Zodiac)

The VLZ is made up of many different layers. The following images show some of the mains layers.

01 - Victoria Map

The first layer is the city map of Victoria itself. Though I would have like to work with satellite imagery, I chose to start with map view for clarity.

03 - VLZ No Castor

The second layer is the Zodiac effigies which are formed by the features in the landscape, such as buildings, roads, streams, shoreline, field boundaries parks etc . . .

02 - Effigies Only No Beaver

This image shows the effigies themselves without the city map.

04 - P4MS - NGC

To varify a landscape Zodiac, one needs to make sure that the Zodiac effigies correspond with the celestial constellations. To do this, one needs to overlay a planisphere—that in mirrored/reversed and of the correct size—on top of the Zodiac map with Polaris (the north star/polestar) in the center and rotated to the correct degree so that all of the stars and constellation of the planisphere align with correlated landmarks on the city map.

05 - Victoria - P4MS - NGC

This image shows the planisphere in it proper position over the city map of Victoria.

06 - VLZ - P4MS - NGC - No Castor

This image shows the planisphere overlaying the city map of Victoria with the Zodiac effigies drawn on it.

10 - VLZ - P4MS - NGC - No Castor - Signs - Copy

This image show the VLZ with the tropical Zodiac marked on it. This is the 360 degree circle divided into 12 equal 30 degree segments. Note that because of precession of the equinox, there is about a 28 degree difference between the tropical zodiac and planisphere constellations.

Terrestrial Chart
With the tropical zodiac, I can now overlay astrological charts on the VLZ to caste terrestrial (Earth/landscape) astrology chart. I will be adding detailed information about the terrestrial charts at a later time. More to come . . .

By Victoria Landscape Zodiac

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