Grand Sextile Aspect Pattern on July 29, 2013


A Grand Sextile Aspect Pattern will be taking place on July 29, 2013. I was just thinking about July 29th the other day.

Grand Sextile Glastonbury

The image above shows how the July 29, 2013 Grand Sextile Aspect Pattern falls on the current planisphere layer of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

The Grand Sextile will begin at 8:25am Glastonbury time and will last just under 18 hours ending a 2:23am on July 30, 2013.

I believe the distortion of the pattern has to do with the Ecliptic being 23.5 degrees off center to the north celestial pole.

The following is the Sabian Symbol for the Sun location at 6-7 degrees of Leo on July 29, 2013.


KEYNOTE: The power of basic spiritual values which refer to man’s common humanity and to all enduring archetypes.

The experience of the night sky with its multitude of stars, especially brilliant in all the countries from which astrology came, is just as basic and archetypal an experience as that of sunrise, full moon and seasonal changes. Every people on this Earth has developed the concept of constellations, probably because of a need to find order in existence and to personalize everything that could be given a permanent form. Such personalizations can be called “psychic projections,” but the projection concept should be worked out both ways. If man projects his basic human nature upon the star-filled night sky, is it not just as logical to say that the universe projects its own forever-evolving patterns of order upon human nature? In either case we deal with archetypal factors which endure through a long series of generations.

This second stage symbol once more stands in perfect contrast to the preceding one. The nearly unchanging patterns of star groups are opposed to the sequence of ever-changing fashions and social ideals. The Keyword here is PERMANENCE.

An interesting bit of information about the Grand Sextile can be found at the following link. Note that Randy Bruner of Blue Cosmic Hand refers to this Grand Sextile as “the big one we’ve all been waiting for” Don’t let this become another Galactic Alignment 2012. Breath it in and enjoy.

Peace, Love and Grand Sextiles.

Donald P. Allen

Tonnes of addition Landscape Zodiac related info on my Teachings of the White Raven Facebook Page.

By Victoria Landscape Zodiac

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