Eridanus and Zaurack on King Arthur’s Round Table

Here is a rather interesting copy of Katherine Maltwood’s Round Table of the Zodiac. (click images for higher resolution)

Eridanus and Zaurack


Eridanus and Zaurack 2


The first thing that jumps out at me is that, unlike her original Round Table, KEM (Katherine Emma Maltwood) has gone out of her way to turn this copy of the map 90 degrees counterclockwise so that north is facing left instead of it usual upright position.

She had labelled all of the Zodiac Signs (except for Cancer and Libra) as well as the usual Cetus, Orion (Gemini?) and Hercules (King Arthur/Sagittarius) but did not label the Argo Navis. In addition KEM also labelled the constellations Eridanus (the River) and Hydra (the Water Serpent/Snake).

She marked the pole of the Ecliptic on Hercules/King Arthur/Sagittarius arm and labelled only two stars on this map. Kochab, which she calls the polestar of the Temple from the constellation Ursa Minor, falls on Park Wood in the centre of the map and Zaurack (which means ‘bright Star of the Boat’) from the constellation Eridanus, falls on the Sail/Bow of the Argo Navis Effigy.

On the back of the map, which KEM unfortunately did not date, she wrote ‘This is the one to use but leave out Castor & Pollox. Hydra & Eridanus & Canis Minor (which she didn’t actually label). She also marked ‘bright Star of the boat’ on the back.

The labeling of Eridanus and Zaurack on the map above as well as the Snake/River looking ‘effigy’ between the Girt Dog of Langport and the Rudder of the Argo Navis in the January 28, 1946 map below, leads me to believe that KEM was in the process of discovering/developing an Eridanus River effigy which I believe was going to relate to the third/Cancer water gate and original entrance to the Temple.

KEMs January 28, 1946 Map of Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars

KEM’s January 28, 1946 map showing what appears to be several never before mentioned effigies.

More info about the Temple’s Earth & Water Gates at the following link.

Earth and Water Gates of Glastonbury’s Temple of the Stars.

By Victoria Landscape Zodiac

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